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What Golf Students Say

Sports Psychology coaching is an effective tool to help you improve your performance and get into the winner’s circle more often. We are lucky to have a great deal of success with our golfers over the last 30 plus years. Below is a partial list of golfers who have provided testimonials to Peak Performance Sports’ mental performance coaching.

“Achieved the Goal of Qualifying for the Tour!”

“Thanks for all your help Dr. Cohn. You can rest assured that all our work came in very handy when I successfully qualified for the European Tour. I’m very happy and extremely thankful to you for helping me achieve this massive goal of qualifying for the European Tour! Thanks a lot again.”*
~Alex Rocha, European Tour Player

“My Self-Talk and Confidence Have Improved Tremendously”

“I am a PGA Professional and when I connected with you, I just wanted some ideas to help my students. But thanks to you, my own game has improved! I think I will shoot 69; negative thoughts have vanished; and my self-talk and confidence has improved tremendously. I will be referring my students to your web site.”*
~Bill Allen, PGA Pro

“Mental Game Techniques for His Success”

“Hank has consistently improved over the summer. He is getting stronger and more confident. He often talks about the mental game techniques that you have shared with him for his success. We visited my home in Wisconsin last week and he shot a 69 on my old home course which is a one-under round. Thanks for your help.”*
~Billy Dettlaff, Hank’s Father

“A Great System to Improve Confidence”

“To play well, you have to believe you can play well. Confidence goes a long way in golf. Dr. Cohn has developed a great system that helped me improve confidence and my overall mental approach to golf.”*
~Brian Watts, 11-time Winner on the PGA Japan Tour

“Think Better on The Greens so They Can Play Their Best”

“You have to believe in yourself and be positive on the course to putt your best. Dr. Cohn helps players of all levels think better on the greens so they can play their best.”*
~Donnie Hammond, PGA Tour Winner

“Helped me Trust My Game”

“The mental side is everything in golf—the ability to see your shot or line and trust that you can hit that shot or putt. Dr. Cohn has helped me trust my game and putting stroke.”*
~Frank Lickliter, PGA Tour, Nike Tour Winner

“The Insights and Keys to What Makes a Great Putter”

“I think Dr. Cohn’s research with players, and studying great players, being around great players, and working with players, has given him the insights and the keys to what makes a great putter. Dr. Cohn’s instruction will help players of any skill level improve their putting.”*
~Grant Waite, PGA Tour Winner

“Helped Me Get Into a Confident State of Mind”

“I’ve learned that to play well, you have to know you will play well before going to the first. Dr. Cohn has helped me get into a confident state of mind by focusing on success instead of past failure.”*
~Glen Hnatiuk, PGA Tour, Nationwide Tour Winner

“You REALLY Did Get Him on The Right Track to a Better Mental Approach”

“Hello Dr. Cohn! Chris got through PGA Tour Q-School with flying colors! He finished second, even with a double bogie, to be exact. I felt it necessary to thank you myself for all you did for him. I know you had only spoken with him a few times, but he really got a lot out of it. You REALLY did get him on the right track to a better mental approach to this crazy game of golf. Thank you again for everything.”*
~Jennifer Anderson, Wife of Chris Anderson

“Helped Me Become a Better Putter”

“To win at any level, you have to train both your mind and body. Dr. Cohn does an excellent job of teaching you how to develop confidence and touch around the greens, both of which are vital to any player’s success. Dr. Cohn has taught me excellent practice drills for putting that have helped me become a better putter.”*
~J.L. Lewis, PGA Tour winner

“Helping Me Get Into The Flow of The Routine”

“You helped me with my routine—it’s almost like it has a flow to it—you pull your club and boom you are into it. You should glide through the routine. It’s when you try to make yourself stick to a cadence; the routine feels out of sync. Helping me get into the flow of the routine has been a big help.”*
~Joe Durant, PGA Tour winner

“My Confidence Level Has Never Been Higher”

“I can’t tell you how clearly I was able to think during all four rounds of tour- school. The simple game plan you gave me really focused me. My confidence level has never been higher during a tournament. No matter how much pressure was on, I was able to control my thoughts and execute. Thank you Dr. Cohn!”*
~Patricia Baxter-Johnson, LPGA Tour

“She Played Great and Won”

“Last weekend Lisa played in a Florida Junior Golf Association tournament in Gainesville. She played great and won (74-70=144) over 43 other competitors! She’s starting to really believe in herself and her stats are improving each tournament. She is thinking better and making much smarter decisions on the course. Thanks again for your help Dr. Cohn.”*
~Scott Tyler, Father of Lisa Tyler

“I Feel Relaxed But Ready”

“I am so grateful for your insights and experience. My focus is sharp and I feel relaxed but ready to meet whatever challenge comes up. If I make a mistake, I am able to let it go and move on immediately. You have really helped me to get back on track and get things going again.”*
~Suzanne Strudwick, LPGA Tour

“Mentally I Am a Much Better Player Now”

“After working with you at the end of 2001, I went from 51st to 18th on the money list. Mentally I am a much better player now. Your lessons on setting goals, playing without expectations, and reacting well to mistakes has made a big difference. Thanks for all your help in 2001 and I look forward to continuing to improve my mental game.”*
~Tjaart Van Der Walt, Nationwide Tour Winner


*Testimonials found on this site are examples of what we have done for other clients, and what some of our clients have said about us. However, we cannot guarantee the results in any case. Your results may vary and every situation is different. No compensation was provided for these testimonials.