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Scheffler’s ‘What’s Next’ Approach

Scheffler’s ‘What’s Next’ Approach

What is the main factor that leads to playing consistent golf? Many golfers will focus on their mechanics to improve their consistency. The thought process is “If I strike the ball the same way for every shot, I will achieve similar results from shot to shot. While replicating stroke mechanics is an important contributor, mental factors have a more significant … Golf Psychology Article>>

Striving for Small Goals Leads to Improvement

Focus on Small Goals

What does the process of improvement entail? Growth in golf is a matter of focusing on the journey. When you understand the stages of improvement, you can steadily improve your golf game. The 5 Stages of Improvement Improvement runs through a cyclical process. When you stay within the loop, you achieve incremental improvement. 1. Celebrate successes – Celebrating success may … Golf Psychology Article>>