Golf Psychology

How Top Golfers Manage Pre-Round Worry

How Top Golfers Manage Pre-Round Worry

What is the primary source of anxiety for golfers? Anxiety is at its peak when golfers focus too much on outcomes and what those outcomes mean… Certain factors are beyond your control in golf, such as other golfers’ scores, the start time of your round, the leader board, your group, gaining entry into a tournament, weather, delays, and course conditions. … Golf Psychology Article>>

How to Develop Consistency in Your Golf Game

Play Consistent Golf

What words would you use to describe golf? How you see the game of golf shapes how well you perform through the ups and the downs. Golf is a challenging, unpredictable, exciting, frustrating sport filled with successes and disappointments. Every day, round, and course is different. You can play your best golf on a particular course on a Saturday, then … Golf Psychology Article>>

Being Comfortable With Uncomfortable Golf

Overcome Negative Thoughts

How to Stay Mentally Tough in Your Golf Game When you think about feeling comfortable in golf, what comes to mind? Most golfers would associate feeling comfort with a smooth, fluid swing. In addition, many golfers would identify a comfortable swing as the key to success during a round of golf. While comfort may be necessary for an efficient swing, … Golf Psychology Article>>