Confidence in Golf

Golfers Who Worry About and Live Up to Expectations

Avoid Comparisons for Golf Confidence

Manage Your Mindset and Expectations How often do you play a competitive round fearing you may let down your coach, team, or parents? You can be easily distracted by the expectations of others, especially those of your parents, whether those expectations are expressed verbally. Both verbal and implied expectations can make you feel increased pressure and hurt your play. Another … Golf Psychology Article>>

How Korda Applies a Positive Perspective to Golf

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Change Perspective in Golf to Improve Play Do you enjoy golf? Do you become excited to face the challenges during a competitive round of golf? Or do you dread playing competitive rounds and feel anxious under pressure? Let’s examine the relationship between perspective, nerves, and performance. Perspective affects your thoughts. If you view pressure as unfavorable, your emotional response will … Golf Psychology Article>>

Follow These Steps to Improve Your Preshot Routine

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Top Mistakes Golfers Make With Preshot Routines How many times has indecision and self-doubt interfered with playing good shots? Spending extra time standing over the ball questioning your shot strategy, thinking of last second adjustments and possible outcomes is a surefire method to interfere with making a good swing. When you overthink, over-analyze or have too many swing thoughts, you … Golf Psychology Article>>