Golf Mental Game Success Stories

Success Stories With Actual Golf Clients

Aaron Fitzpatrick Golf Mental Game Success Story

Aaron Fitz - Mental Coaching

Aaron was an average high school golfer before he improved his mental game using Dr. Cohn’s sports psychology program. Dr. Cohn and Aaron worked for three months to improve his mental game and performance. Mike Fitzpatrick, Aaron’s dad, was really impressed by the remarkable turnaround in Aaron’s mental game and performance. You can listen in as Mike talks to Dr. Cohn about the significant changes in Aaron’s game after mental coaching.

Listen to the Audio of Aaron’s Success Story:

“I saw that he was not discouraged when he was not playing well. We have to give credit to the work you have done with him. The turnaround in his game has been quite dramatic.”*
~Mike Fitzpatrick

Camilla Dettori Golf Mental Game and MGCP Success Story

Camilla - Mental CoachingCamilla enrolled in Dr. Cohn’s MGCP program to help other golfers and athletes improve their mental toughness. After completing the self-paced MGCP program, she found that her own golf game improved. She had always struggled with letting go of mistakes. In the program, she learned how to cope with mistakes and play with more composure. At the time of the interview, she had just won the Gold Medal in the European Ladies Senior Championship.

Listen to the Audio of Camilla’s Success Story:

“I should really thank you for all the tools you have given me for learning how to perform and to help others perform.”*
~Camilla Dettori, MGCP student and golfer

Sean McQueary Golf Mental Game Success Story

Sean - Mental CoachingSean has always been a good athlete. He was a DI college tennis player and was a high level cyclist. After sustaining some major injuries Sean took up golf. He quickly rose in the ranks and is currently an amateur golfer. Even though Sean was a skilled golfer, something was blocking his success. Sean could execute on the range, but had trouble taking this game to the course and knew his mental game was holding him back. Listen to Sean talk about how he increased his confidence and learned how to take his practice game to the course after working with Dr. Cohn.

Listen to the Audio of Sean’s Success Story:

“I have spent hundreds to dollars on clubs, putters, etc. always looking for answers. But I knew this was not going to work because I have some internal issues I had to deal with on the golf course. Working with Dr. Cohn on mental game by far is the best investment I have made. I have some great tools to work on to see my mental game improve.  I feel better now than I have ever have on the golf course and I thank you so much for helping me with the positive mental direction.”*
~Sean McQueary

Traci Bateman Golf Mental Game Success Story

Traci - Mental CoachingTraci is an amateur golfer who plays up to 60 rounds a year and has read Dr. Cohn’s golf books and Confident Athlete CDs. She was a perfectionist who wanted to play a perfect round and thus struggled with her confidence. She changed her mental game by focusing on smaller goals and dealing with her negative self-talk.

Listen to Audio of Traci’s Success Story:

“My short game improved, I did not get down on myself, and dropped my handicap by two strokes.”*
~Traci Bateman


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