Mental Toughness in Golf

Mental Skills and Preshot Routines in Golf 

Golf Mind Podcast

Welcome to the Golf Psychology Podcast by Dr. Patrick Coach of Peak Performance Sports. Dr. Cohn and his team of mental performance coaches work with junior to professional golfers to help them reach their goals and play more consistent golf. In the podcast, Dr. Cohn will do a deep dive into preshot routines. In this podcast, you learn: What mental … Golf Psychology Article>>

How to Improve Your Mental Skills in Golf 

Golf Psychology Video

Many golfers will make the mistake of only including physical skills in their preshot routines. In this video, you will learn the common mental skills that make up a great preshot routine.  Peak Performance Sports, LLC helps athletes and performers improve mental skills for success in sports. We work with athletes in all sports – junior to professional – via … Golf Psychology Article>>

Are Your Expectations too High in Golf

Are Your Expectations too High in Golf

What do others expect from you when you play golf? Are the expectations to win high?  With early success in a golfer’s career comes high expectations from those around you. The expectation is to continue to win, reach the top of the rankings, and never have an off day. Imagine the pressure of playing a round of golf with the … Golf Psychology Article>>

Master the Mental Game of Next-Level Play

Master the Mental Game of Next-Level Play

Master the Mental Game of Next Level Play What is the most effective strategy for improving your golf score? Most golfers have a similar process: practice… play… repeat. Many of these golfers see slow or little progress. Why are these golfers stuck in a rut? What is the missing ingredient of significant improvement? The often-overlooked aspect causing golfers to plateau … Golf Psychology Article>>

How to Regroup After a Bad Round of Golf

Sports Psychology for Golfers

How to Quickly Let Go of a Bad Tournament Every golfer has “one of those tournaments” where nothing seemed to go right. After a bad tournament, what you think often sets the stage for your next competitive round. Some golfers tend to hold on to memories of past tournaments, reliving each mistake.  As you replay the mental reel of mistakes, … Golf Psychology Article>>

How Dustin Johnson Reignited his Passion for Golf

Playing Golf With a Lead

Playing Golf and Competing are Different. Do you enjoy being a competitive golfer? You may think, “That’s a dumb question. I’ve been golfing since I was young. Of course, I like to golf.” Playing golf is usually less pressure. You may try to beat someone in your group, but the stakes are not as high. When there is less pressure, … Golf Psychology Article>>