Overthinking in Golf

Tips To Help with the Driver Yips

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Do you get tense after a bad drive and worry about missing again? This can lead to over-controlling your swing, which is a common reaction for golfers have after hitting hit a poor drive or two. And with more tweaking and fixing on the course, this can turn into the driver yips where golfers no longer feel in control of … Golf Psychology Article>>

How the Expectations of Mistake Free Golf Hurts Performance

Overcome Badshots

The Pressure You are Playing on Yourself is Negatively Impacting Your Game. How many times have you played a mistake-free round of golf? Probably never. As a matter of fact, no golfer has ever played a mistake-free round. Can you relate to the following scenario? You are moving along, playing spectacular golf, then you hit a couple of shots off … Golf Psychology Article>>

Focus on the Process in Golf

Understanding the when playing with Process

Concentration for Golfers What do you think about most when you play in a golf tournament? Are you focused on beating a rival? Maybe, you are focused on outplaying the players in your group? Or, perhaps, you think about what it will take to win the tournament? Whatever outcome you are hoping to accomplish, there is one strategy that gives you … Golf Psychology Article>>

Focus on Golf Course

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The Mental Game of Golf Do you allow your opponents or your playing partners to get in your head and affect your mindset? Being affected by what others think about your game is a mental game challenge some golfers experience during their game. But, most of the time, it begins when you are thinking how your opponents are playing and … Golf Psychology Article>>

Mindset for Golf Performance Evaluation

Mindset for Golf Performance Evaluation

Learning from Your Past Performance Have you ever had “one of those seasons” where you fell well short of your athletic goals? Falling short of your seasonal goals is frustrating and angering. When you practiced an entire season and didn’t even come close to your expectations, you probably will feel the season was a waste. This is the sentiment of … Golf Psychology Article>>

Your Performance Mindset to Succeed

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Overcome Fear of Failure and Stay the Moment of your Game Do you want to win so badly and you’re out there tripping yourself on the golf course? In this week’s golf psychology session, mental game of golf expert and author of The Mental Game of Golf, Dr. Cohn talks about how to set a proper mindset into the golf … Golf Psychology Article>>