Pressure in Golf

How the Expectations of Mistake Free Golf Hurts Performance

Overcome Badshots

The Pressure You are Playing on Yourself is Negatively Impacting Your Game. How many times have you played a mistake-free round of golf? Probably never. As a matter of fact, no golfer has ever played a mistake-free round. Can you relate to the following scenario? You are moving along, playing spectacular golf, then you hit a couple of shots off … Golf Psychology Article>>

Focus on the Process in Golf

Understanding the when playing with Process

Concentration for Golfers What do you think about most when you play in a golf tournament? Are you focused on beating a rival? Maybe, you are focused on outplaying the players in your group? Or, perhaps, you think about what it will take to win the tournament? Whatever outcome you are hoping to accomplish, there is one strategy that gives you … Golf Psychology Article>>

How to Improve Trust in Your Golf Swing

Avoid Comparisons for Golf Confidence

Stop Practicing When Your Compete How many hours have you spent on practicing, refining, or overhauling your mechanics? In golf, you can get so wrapped up in wanting to perfect your mechanics that it overshadows the goal of shooting your lowest score. You probably think tinkering with your mechanics leads to consistently shooting low scores, but that’s not always the case. Of … Golf Psychology Article>>

Playing Golf One Shot at a Time

Scottie Scheffler Mental Toughness

Always Focus on Your Present Shot Why do golfers always talk about taking it one shot at a time? If we already know the “take it one shot at a time” approach is best, why then is this statement so frequently used in golf? First, let’s take a step back to understand the importance of the “take it one shot … Golf Psychology Article>>

Your Performance Mindset to Succeed

Golf Psychology Video

Overcome Fear of Failure and Stay the Moment of your Game Do you want to win so badly and you’re out there tripping yourself on the golf course? In this week’s golf psychology session, mental game of golf expert and author of The Mental Game of Golf, Dr. Cohn talks about how to set a proper mindset into the golf … Golf Psychology Article>>

Why Some Golfers Expect to Play Poorly

Golf Confidence

Have Confidence in Your Strengths Have you played tournaments that you expected to play poorly? Maybe, statistically, you don’t play well on a particular course and you continue to expect the same result? Or you melted down in the same tournament the previous year and you fear the same will happen this year? Your level of play is shaped by … Golf Psychology Article>>