Pressure in Golf

Hidden Expectations Golfers Harbor

Golf Pressure and Expectations

Shift Your Perspective to Reduce Expectations Would you describe golf as a stressful sport? Do you put excessive pressure on yourself during competitive rounds? One way of examining how much pressure you place on yourself is by examining your self-statements. When you say, “I have to win,” “I should shoot under 75,” “I must finish in the Top-10,” your expectations shift into high … Golf Psychology Article>>

When Golfers Are ‘Firing on All Cylinders’

Finishing the Round

Embrace the Challenges on the Course What is the difference between ‘smooth sailing’ and ‘firing on all cylinders’? Sometimes golfers use the terms ‘smooth sailing’ and ‘firing on all cylinders’ interchangeably, but there is a big difference. The ‘smooth sailing’ mindset means that conditions are near perfect on the golf course; no wind, low humidity, low to mid 80-degree temperature, … Golf Psychology Article>>

Overcoming Your Tournament Anxieties

Golf Mind Podcast

Do you get so anxious you lose the fun in golf? In this week’s golf psychology session, mental game of golf expert and author of The Mental Game of Golf, Dr. Cohn, responds to a question from Chris who had this to say about his game: I’m a weekend golfer, but I still play local club tournaments. I get so … Golf Psychology Article>>

How to Control Your “Nerves” in Golf

Overcoming Pressure and Nerves

Overcoming Pressure and Nerves in Golf Which phrase best describe you on the golf course: ‘calm and composed’ or ‘nervous and flustered’? If you answered ‘nervous and flustered’, you can probably recall many times when feelings of nervousness sent your game into a tailspin. One of the biggest reason golfers fall prey to nervousness during a round is that they … Golf Psychology Article>>