Trust in Golf

How to Play with Pressure in Golf 

How to Play with Pressure in Golf

What is competitive pressure? Competitive pressure refers to the level of stress an athlete experiences before or during a competition. In golf, players with difficulty managing pressure tend to choke in stressful conditions. In contrast, golfers who can master pressure are more consistent and shoot lower scores during competitive rounds. What is the primary source of pressure? You might be … Golf Psychology Article>>

Masters Champ Scheffler and Mental Toughness

Scottie Scheffler Mental Toughness

How to Improve Mental Toughness in Golf What is the primary source of your stress during a round of golf? Do you feel confident in your ability to manage your stress while competing? Simply put, stress increases when you focus on things other than the present moment. For example, which self-statements do you think would increase your stress level? “I’m … Golf Psychology Article>>

How to Play More Intuitive Golf

Intuitive Golf

Avoid Overthinking Your Swing What is the biggest challenge you face on the golf course? Golf is considered one of the most technically challenging sports. Golfers have many variables to take into consideration for each shot: club choice, weather conditions, distance from the hole, course conditions, etc. Each shot requires sound mechanics but overthinking your swing can lead to technical … Golf Psychology Article>>

Improve Your Mindset During Shot-Making

golf commitment to shots

Stop Overthinking and Trust in Your Golf Swing How many times has your indecision and self-doubt interfered with playing good shots? Do you want to improve your mindset shot-making? Please read on… Spending extra time standing over the ball questioning your shot strategy, thinking of last second adjustments and possible outcomes is a surefire method to interfere with accuracy. When … Golf Psychology Article>>

Use Visualization to Improve Your Golf Game

visualization in golf

Visualization Helps Increase Confidence in Your Performance Can you remember a time when you hoped to shoot your lowest score, but you were over-excited or nervous and couldn’t focus? Have you ever stood over an important putt that you over-analyzed? Second-guessing your decisions interferes with getting into a rhythm and freely swinging your golf club. When you question your decisions, … Golf Psychology Article>>

4 Steps to Gain Trust in Your Golf Strokes

Trust in your Swing

How to Overcome Putting Anxiety Do you become increasingly nervous as you prepare to putt? Are you afraid of hitting bad shots while you address the ball? Chances are that your thoughts are major distractions interfering with your body’s ability to make a confident swing. Thinking too much about strategy, score, mechanics, weather, greens, spectators, previous shots, leaderboard, or results … Golf Psychology Article>>