How Scheffler Maintains Composure

How Scheffler Maintains Composure

How do You React to Back-to-Back Double Bogeys

Are you able to keep your composure and re-focus on the next hole?

Keeping your composure is not easy, especially when you are in contention to win. However, if you want a top finish, you must learn to deal with the ups and downs of competitive rounds.

Navigating the mental challenges on the golf course requires clearing your mind, calming your body, and refocusing your attention on the task at hand.

You are probably thinking, “Easier said than done.”

That’s true; however, if peak performance is your objective, then taking the good with the bad is a must.

For example, you just played your best golf on the front-9. You think, “This is my day. Nothing can stop me.”

Every bounce is going your way, and your swing feels effortless. You think, for sure, you are going to shoot your best score ever.

On the 10th hole, you hit your tee shot in the middle of the fairway. In your mind, you are definitely going to birdie the hole. On the next shot, you overshoot the greens. You duff your third shot, and soon enough, your “birdie” turns into a double bogey.

What happens next is critical.

If you maintain your composure, you can get back into a groove. However, if you allow your emotions to run wild, one unfortunate hole can snowball into a slew of mistakes and bad decisions.

How do elite golfers keep their composure?

For one, elite golfers understand that competitive rounds are rarely smooth sailing. They realize that golf is a game of ups and downs. While this perspective minimizes the intensity of negative emotions, it doesn’t totally eliminate potentially harmful emotions.

Elite golfers must still be able to clear their minds to refocus on their next shot. For that reason, elite golfers develop reliable relaxation and refocusing strategies that they can implement when needed during competitive rounds.

Take, for instance, Scottie Scheffler’s performance at the 2024 Players Championship. Scheffler won the tournament by maintaining his composure and keeping his head in the game throughout all four rounds. Scheffler overcame a five-stroke deficit in the final round for the victory.

SCHEFFLER: “I put up a good fight for four days. That’s really all there was. [My caddie] Teddy Scott kept me in a good headspace out there. We had a great finish yesterday and then got off to a slow start today… [I] hit a lot of good shots today, did a lot of good things this week.”

Scheffler demonstrated the need to maintain composure to give yourself the best chance for victory.

Of course, elite golfers are talented, but that is not why they achieve elite status. Top golfers achieve excellence by having elite mental games.

The first step in maintaining your composure is to take a few slow, deep breaths to calm your body’s stress response.

Next, focus on the next shot in front of you. Strategize for your next shot instead of dwelling on past shots. This will shift your mindset from feeling overwhelmed to feeling empowered.

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