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Golfers Who Play Down to the Level of Competitors

Golf Psychology Video

Do you tend to play down to the level of your playing partners?  Are you being too complacent and rushing through your preshot routine? In our new video, your learn how to play your best no matter the level of your playing partners and stick to your preshot routine… Watch now: Great Resources for Golfers: *Please subscribe to The Golf … Golf Psychology Article>>

How Golfers Can Build their Confidence 

How Golfers Can Build their Confidence 

In the weeks heading into a tournament, what do you feed your mind: Positive or negative messages? Do you hang onto past mistakes during a round or focus on the good shots you hit? Your thoughts affect your confidence. It is pretty simple; you become what you think. If you think you are a terrible golfer, you will struggle on … Golf Psychology Article>>

Why the Putting Yips Show Up When It’s Important

Golf Mind Podcast

In this episode, Dr. Cohn answers a question from a reader about why golfers get the putting yips when they think it’s important to make putts. Here’s the question of the week: PAUL: I’m a 10-12 handicap, 54 years old, play about twice a week, and I have the putting yips but, I don’t think it is about fear of embarrassment. … Golf Psychology Article>>

How to Recover from a Bad Hole

How to Recover After a Bad Hole

How many times has golf frustrated you to the point of never wanting to play again? Golf is a crazy game, unlike any other sport. No two shots are ever the same. In football, the field dimensions are consistent from stadium to stadium. In golf, the distance for each hole differs depending on the course. In baseball, the field is … Golf Psychology Article>>