Mindset in Golf

How Golfers Can Build their Confidence 

How Golfers Can Build their Confidence 

In the weeks heading into a tournament, what do you feed your mind: Positive or negative messages? Do you hang onto past mistakes during a round or focus on the good shots you hit? Your thoughts affect your confidence. It is pretty simple; you become what you think. If you think you are a terrible golfer, you will struggle on … Golf Psychology Article>>

How to Take Your Practice Game to the Golf Course

Golf Psychology Video

Golf psychology tips to help you improve your mental game for golf. In this video, you learn how to swing freely on the golf course and take your practice game or range swing to the golf course. Many golfers can’t perform as well in tournaments as they do in practice. Learn mental skills we teach to junior to professional golfers. … Golf Psychology Article>>

Does Your Self-Talk Help or Hurt Your Golf Game?

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Learn How to Use Self-Talk To Your Advantage Do you set high standards for your golf game? Do you believe that setting the bar extremely high leads to playing your best? What inner voice is the most influential on your performance while playing in a tournament? Is that voice positive and encouraging or negative and demeaning? All golfers need that … Golf Psychology Article>>

How to Deal With Negative Emotion

Overcome Negative Thoughts

Managing Negative Emotion and Distractions How often do you become aggravated, agitated, and frustrated during a competitive round of golf? If you answered a lot, you are not alone. Negative emotions will follow when a golfer slices a tee shot, flubs a chip shot, lands in a sand trap, or misses a three-foot putt. How you process these emotions makes … Golf Psychology Article>>