Go-For-Broke Mentality in Golfers 

Go-For-Broke Mentality in Golfers

What Goes Through Your Mind When You Start a Round?

For example, you double-bogey the first two holes, then bogey the third.

You quickly find yourself 4-strokes from the leader before the fifth hole. You will most likely feel frustrated, especially if you missed an easy putt or misjudged a shot.

Let’s further the scenario. The golfers atop the leaderboard are playing lights out, you can’t seem to find your swing, and you are down 6-strokes after the front nine.

In this case, what are you thinking? More specifically, what thoughts are you focusing on?

Thoughts such as, “This round is a lost cause. Why even try? There is no way I will catch up” are detrimental to performance.

This thinking eliminates any chance of finishing the round strong or narrowing the gap between you and the golfers ahead of you on the leaderboard.

The string of negative thoughts affects you in four ways:

  1. Mentally – Negative thoughts become a distraction and lower your confidence.
  2. Physiologically – Pessimistic thoughts create muscle tension and performance-diminishing body posture.
  3. Emotionally – Negative thinking creates unproductive emotions such as frustration and resignation.
  4. Technically – Unproductive thoughts slightly alter your swing, further throwing off your rhythm.

These four factors detract from your play and compound the problem.

When you find yourself down early in a round, positive thinking may feel fake and unrealistic, but another alternative exists.

The other option is the “Go-For-Broke” mentality.

The “Go-For-Broke” mentality revolves around taking risks and putting it all on the line. Instead of accepting failure, it’s the mindset of going for it, “After all, what do I have to lose?”

When golfers go for broke, they stop playing conservatively and focus on bold, positive action.

  1. Mentally – Going for it is empowering and allows you to focus on what you want to happen.
  2. Physiologically – When you go for broke, you maintain a positive and powerful body posture, enhancing confidence.
  3. Emotionally – Laying it all on the line fosters positive emotions such as determination, motivation, and resolve.
  4. Technically – The Go-For-Broke mentality minimizes muscle tension, allowing you to swing the club freely.

At the 2023 Korn Ferry Tour Championship, Thomas Walsh was fighting for his Tour card and quickly trailed on the tournament’s third day. After the first five holes during Round 3, Walsh was 5-over.

Walsh was frustrated and thought of giving up early in the round.

WALSH: “I’m like, ‘This season’s over. I’m done. Screw this, I’m going home.'”

However, Walsh flipped his mindset, and his play improved as a result.

WALSH: “I felt like I was just getting punched in the face constantly, but I like to fight pretty hard. So you’d better knock me out if you’re going to punch me, because I’m going to fight back.”

Walsh finished strong and played his next 13 holes in 6 under, including five birdies in his last six holes.

The “Go-For-Broke” mentality has a liberating effect and encourages you to play more aggressively.

When you play without restraint, you are more apt to play your best golf, given the circumstances.

When you find yourself behind the leaders or feel the odds are against you, simply tell yourself, “I have nothing to lose.”

Playing without fear allows you to put complete focus and effort into performing.

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