Scheffler’s ‘What’s Next’ Approach

Scheffler’s ‘What’s Next’ Approach

The Main Factor that Leads to Playing Consistent Golf

Many golfers will focus on their mechanics to improve their consistency. The thought process is “If I strike the ball the same way for every shot, I will achieve similar results from shot to shot.

While replicating stroke mechanics is an important contributor, mental factors have a more significant impact on consistency.

A golfer from our Golf Mental Game Survey sent us the following question regarding consistency.

“My performance is all over the place. One round, I will play really well, then the next round, my play will be horrible. Even within a round, I’m inconsistent. It’s frustrating. One bad shot can throw off my entire game. How can I become more consistent on the golf course?”

The key word in your comments is “frustration.”

Again, consistent mechanics is crucial for consistent golf. However, you become mentally distracted and physically tense when you allow frustration into your golf game.

The lack of focus and tense muscles throw off your mechanics. Intense emotions and physical tension in your body prevent you from swinging the club freely.

The key to consistency is emotional management. The quicker you process a shot, the sooner you can move your focus to the next shot.

Managing emotions is not about bottling up emotions but focusing on your next shot. Focusing on your strategy for your next shot gives you a sense of control.

In other words, focusing on “what’s next” puts you in the driver’s seat instead of allowing your emotions to take you for a wild ride.

Scott Scheffler has been on a consistent run in 2023. At the 49th Players Championship, Scheffler finished five shots clear of the runner-up. Since winning his first PGA Tour tournament, at the 2022 Waste Management Phoenix Open, Scheffler has won six tournaments and climbed to No. 1 in the world rankings.

During his consistent stretch, Scheffler seems to be unaffected by poor shots, the play of other golfers, and any other potential distractions.

Instead, Scheffler maintains a calm demeanor and approaches each shot with his full attention. Cam Davis, who finished tied for sixth at the Players Championship, has been impressed by Scheffler’s poise and consistency.

DAVIS: “Scheffler’s obviously used to being in this position now; he’s done it so many times already, I think he’s just got the attitude for it. It just looks like he’s calm, just doing his business, not really worrying what everyone else is doing and churning out birdies, which is what you need to do out here. Obviously, he’s got his system down and figured out.”

Scheffler’s system can be restated as his mindset. Scheffler has a “what’s next” approach instead of a “stuck in the past” mentality.

Consistency is the result of having your own system. Your system is how you process each shot and prepare for the next one. This consistent approach leads to consistent results.

Create a personal system. How will you respond after each shot, whether the results are good or bad? How will you be nonjudgmental?

How will you return your focus to the present moment? How will you prepare for the next shot?

Finally, work to develop a consistent preshot routine for each shot.

Your system will help you focus on the present and allow you to swing the club with confidence no matter the previous shot.

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