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How to Make Adjustments when Golfing

Finishing the Round

Minor Adjustments to Make Major Improvements When your putting is just a little off, do you tend to overthink, or do you make a quick minor adjustment and then refocus? A slight adjustment can go a long way. However, too many adjustments–leading to over thinking–can go the wrong way. A minor adjustment requires a quick assessment and a decisive course … Golf Psychology Article>>

Golfers Who Worry About and Live Up to Expectations

Avoid Comparisons for Golf Confidence

Manage Your Mindset and Expectations How often do you play a competitive round fearing you may let down your coach, team, or parents? You can be easily distracted by the expectations of others, especially those of your parents, whether those expectations are expressed verbally. Both verbal and implied expectations can make you feel increased pressure and hurt your play. Another … Golf Psychology Article>>