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Improving Your Golf Swing Takes Patience

Learning Takes Time

Do you find working on your mechanics is more challenging mentally than physically? Skill development requires focused repetition to become a habit. No golfer improves their tee shots by just hitting 200 balls at the driving range. You need to focus on the change you are trying to make. You need constant feedback and adjustment when you are making technical … Golf Psychology Article>>

Using Your Mind to Stay in Contention Like Jon Rahm

Using Your Mind in Contention

Do you remain competitive when you are behind 4, 5, or 6 strokes in the middle of a round of golf? Playing with a deficit presents a unique set of distractions revolving around scores, strokes, and outcomes. Many golfers fall prey to the ‘math game’ when trailing during a round. These golfers crunch the numbers as they approach every hole, … Golf Psychology Article>>

Striving for Small Goals Leads to Improvement

Focus on Small Goals

What does the process of improvement entail? Growth in golf is a matter of focusing on the journey. When you understand the stages of improvement, you can steadily improve your golf game. The 5 Stages of Improvement Improvement runs through a cyclical process. When you stay within the loop, you achieve incremental improvement. 1. Celebrate successes – Celebrating success may … Golf Psychology Article>>

How to Develop Consistency in Your Golf Game

Play Consistent Golf

What words would you use to describe golf? How you see the game of golf shapes how well you perform through the ups and the downs. Golf is a challenging, unpredictable, exciting, frustrating sport filled with successes and disappointments. Every day, round, and course is different. You can play your best golf on a particular course on a Saturday, then … Golf Psychology Article>>

Experience is a 15th Club Says Ko

Golf Experience

What does it mean to be an experienced golfer? The previous question is an interesting one.  Does experienced mean longevity? Most people consider an experienced golfer to be someone who has played the game for a long time. Playing for several years is a part of gaining experience. However, the sports definition of experienced is having knowledge or skill in … Golf Psychology Article>>