How to Take Your Golf Game to the Next Level

long-term success in golf

Taking Your Performance to the Next Level on the Course

How do you go from good to great as a golfer? Many golfers “want” to be better, but their “want” doesn’t lead to action.

You could have the best coach in the world, surrounded by talented golfers, work out with the latest equipment, and dream big dreams, but mere desire never yields positive results alone.

You, of course, need some level of ability. Desire is also important; you need to be passionate about lifting your game. However, raising your game requires instruction, direction, action, and evaluation.

Unfortunately, many golfers stop at the “desire” stage. Words without actions keep you stuck in a rut.

The 6 Stages of Next Level Performance:

1. Passion – When you are passionate about becoming a better golfer, making a college team, breaking into the starting lineup, or lowering your scoring average, you can stay motivated to see yourself through the ups and downs.

2. Goal – Passion is desire. However, a goal is a target, something specific you want to achieve. When your goal is clear and specific, you can determine if your plan or actions are on track for achieving your objective.

3. Instruction – You should have someone knowledgeable you can rely on for teaching, coaching, or advising you, such as a coach, elite player, or mental game coach.

4. Direction – You need a plan, plain and simple. A plan is a roadmap that directs you towards your goal.

5. Action – You must act on your plan, not just once in a while or when you feel like working. You must put into action your plan each day.

6. Evaluation – This step is often neglected. Some players give up before evaluating or adjusting their plans when necessary. When you objectively assess your progress, you are more apt to push through the struggle during the season.

When you put into play these six steps, you will accomplish more as a golfer…

Knowing, though important, is not enough. You achieve next-level performance by working on your mental and physical skills and applying what you learned.

Raising your Game:

Watch, learn, and apply. Watch how successful golfers approach the game.

How do they prepare? What is their mindset? Don’t be afraid to seek out advice.

Ask for help learning to improve mental and your strokes. What can you do in practice to help you grow as a golfer?

Lastly, apply those lessons. Put in the work. Be persistent.

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