What to Think Over the Ball

Are you unsure what to think over the ball when you pull the trigger? If so, we have a video you will enjoy…

In golf, the preshot routine is a very important part of performing well on the golf course because it helps you be consistent with your approach to each shot. Bouncing around using five different swing thoughts does not build consistency 

Preshot routines build consistency and help you make decisions about each shot. 

In this new video, you’ll learn about what to think over the ball to simplify your preshot routine. Learn how to simplify your thinking over the ball:

Mental Game Coaching for Golfers

If you’re not shooting the scores you are capable of on the course, most likely your mental game is holding you back…

Our certified mental performance coaches can help you uncover the beliefs and attitudes that keep you from performing up to your potential. You’ll learn proven mental strategies we use to help Tour professional golfers get into the winner’s circle.

Golf mental game expert, Dr. Cohn, has helped golfers win at all levels including junior golfers, collegiate golfers, mini- tour golfers, Canadian Tour, PGA Tour, and LPGA Tour golfers.

Whether you’re an AJGA junior golfer, college player, serious amateur or seasoned tour pro, golf mental game coaching can help you improve golf confidence, focus, and composure on the course and boost your on-course performance.

You can get expert mental coaching with us from anywhere. You’ll work one-on-one with us in Orlando Florida or via Skype, phone, FaceTime, or GoTo Meeting. With today’s video technology, we are able to connect with athletes and coaches all over the globe.

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