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Can Hypnosis Help with the Yips?

Golf Psychology Video

In this week’s golf psychology video, mental game of golf expert and author of The Mental Game of Golf, Dr. Cohn, responds to a question from James who has trouble with the yips: JAMES: “Patrick, I am a long-time customer of yours. But alas! The yips still give me trouble a lot of the time. Just wondering: what do you … Golf Psychology Article>>

Use Your Mind to Improve Consistency in Golf

Golf Psychology Video

Learn How to Have More Consistent Golf Scores What can you do to be more consistent on the golf course? Do you find yourself having inconsistent scores? In my new golf psychology video, you’ll learn how to use your mind to be more consistent with your scores. Consistent preparation leads to consistent performance. Learn the mental keys to improve your … Golf Psychology Article>>

Improve Your Post Game Assessment

Golf Psychology Video

Learn How to Assess Your Golf Round Do you have a post-game assessment that helps you grow your confidence? Or do you get critical of your mistakes after the round? How can you have a better post-game evaluation so you can gain confidence and improve your game going forward? I answer this question in my latest golf psychology video. Learn … Golf Psychology Article>>