Mental Preparation For Golf

How to Improve Your Mental Skills in Golf 

Golf Psychology Video

Many golfers will make the mistake of only including physical skills in their preshot routines. In this video, you will learn the common mental skills that make up a great preshot routine.  Peak Performance Sports, LLC helps athletes and performers improve mental skills for success in sports. We work with athletes in all sports – junior to professional – via … Golf Psychology Article>>

How to Prepare Smarter for Better Golf Performance

How to Optimize Pressure for Peak Golf Performance

The Importance of Smart Preparation What helped you get to where you are may not be enough to get you to where you want to go. Many golfers think the actions and preparation that helped them climb to a higher level will be sufficient to help them succeed at that level. In most instances, that is not the case. As … Golf Psychology Article>>

How to Improve Your Consistency

Golf Mental Toughness

Using Mental Preparation to Improve Consistency Are you struggling with your golf game? Does it feel like you will never have a good round ever again? Struggling with your short game or struggling with your tee shots can wear on you mentally… It feels like once you improve one part of your game, another area of your game let’s you … Golf Psychology Article>>

How to Mentally Prepare For a Golf Shot

Golf Psychology Video

Using Preshot Routines to Improve Your Shots In “Sports Psychology Sessions with Doc,” Dr. Patrick Cohn answers a question from Megan about her approach shots. Visit Sports Psychology for Athletes at and click on contact us to submit your mental game questions for Dr. Cohn to answer in his mental game videocast or podcast. Do you struggle with your … Golf Psychology Article>>

Avoiding Preround Mental Errors

Focus on What You Can Control

Improve Mental Preparation for Golfers How do you prepare mentally for a round of golf? Most golfers don’t consider how they mentally prepare for a round. What if your preparation is disrupted due to injury? What if you cannot train or practice for a lengthy period of time? Is it possible to maintain some degree of confidence when preparation is … Golf Psychology Article>>