How to Mentally Prepare For a Golf Shot

Using Preshot Routines to Improve Your Shots

In “Sports Psychology Sessions with Doc,” Dr. Patrick Cohn answers a question from Megan about her approach shots.

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Do you struggle with your approach shots on the golf course? How do mentally prepare for those shots?

Megan wrote in and said:

“I’m an amateur golfer playing on the National Women’s Golf Association Tour. I’m struggling with my mental approach to my approach shots and the confidence that comes with that… How should I think about my approach shots to improve my performance?”

This week, Dr. Cohn talks about:

How you can mentally prepare for your shots by working on your preshot routine.

You need to decide whether there are any limiting beliefs/expectations around what is limiting your approach shots.

Do you feel you have some generalizations that you can’t perform these shots?

Watch the video below to learn what mental game tips Dr. Cohn gives to improving your approach shot with a preshot routine:

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