Developing Your Golf Swing Routine

What Causes Golfers to Freeze Over The Ball?

In “Sports Psychology Sessions with Doc,” Dr. Patrick Cohn answers a question from Alex who can’t get comfortable when standing over the ball.

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Do you tend to stand over the ball on the golf course and just never feel comfortable enough to pull the trigger? What causes golfers to freeze over the ball?

Alex wrote in and said:

“I’m a 16 year old; I play a lot of competitive golf and currently struggling to hit the ball. I look at the target 7 to 8 times on average when I’m standing over the ball and cant get myself comfortable. How can I get beyond this challenge?”

This week, Dr. Cohn answers:

A question from a golfer who tends to get a little trapped over the ball and has trouble starting the swing.

This tells you that he really doesn’t have a well defined routine.

What are the breakdowns in your routine and what can be causing that?

Watch the video below to learn what mental game tips Dr. Cohn gives to become comfortable with your golf swing:

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