Consistency in Golf

How to Play Great Golf on New Courses

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Learning to Play Consistent Golf Golf is a unique game. No two courses are alike. No two holes are alike. Many times, a golf course itself may not be what it was a few months previously. Think of how those course changes present challenging circumstances for each golfer. Look at some other sports where field dimensions are constant. A football … Golf Psychology Article>>

How to Unlock Motivation in Golf

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Learning to Overcome Motivation Challenges Why is it that so many golfers are just not motivated to improve their game, even when they have the time to do so? If practice leads to improvement, why do so many golfers lack the motivation to practice? Motivation is the cornerstone of athletic excellence. Every golfer will, at some point, go through bouts … Golf Psychology Article>>

When Golf Practice Doesn’t Improve Scores

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How More Practice Doesn’t Always Make Perfect Expectations have a unwanted impact on your golf game. With a clearer understanding of expectations, you can learn how to manage them and improve your golf game in the process. In our golf survey, one respondent made an interesting point regarding expectations and performance: “How can l stop the illusion of expecting my … Golf Psychology Article>>

Golfers Who Can’t Stop Tinkering with their Golf Swing

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 How Tinkering Can Harm Your Game What leads to better scores on the golf course? Are better scores achieved by improving your swing or improving your mental game? In our golf survey, a golfer expressed his biggest concern and requested help with figuring out the best method to improve his golf game. “Each year I start tweaking my swing or … Golf Psychology Article>>

Golfers Who Focus Too Much on Technical Skills

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What Should You Focus on During Your Golf Swing? Dr. Patrick Cohn, golf psychology expert and author of the “Golfer’s Mental Edge” CD program and Breaking The Yips Cycle DVD program, teaches amateur to tour professional golfers how to improve their mental game of golf using golf psychology strategies developed over the last 20 years of his career. Are you … Golf Psychology Article>>

Trust in Your Swing to Improve Consistency in Golf

How Top Golfers Manage Pre-Round Worry

How to Build Trust in Your Golf Game Consistency requires trust in your swing during a round of golf. Unfortunately, trust is not always an easy task. The difficulty that faces every golfer and what makes consistency and trust challenging is that you play golf under inconsistent conditions: Even though you know how trust affects your game, it eludes many … Golf Psychology Article>>