Golf Concentration

Use Visualization to Improve Your Golf Game

visualization in golf

Visualization Helps Increase Confidence in Your Performance Can you remember a time when you hoped to shoot your lowest score, but you were over-excited or nervous and couldn’t focus? Have you ever stood over an important putt that you over-analyzed? Second-guessing your decisions interferes with getting into a rhythm and freely swinging your golf club. When you question your decisions, … Golf Psychology Article>>

How to Avoid the Bogey Mindset

Golf Mindset

Why Golfers Turn Bogeys into More Bogeys “Mistakes happen.” “Mistakes are a fact of life.” “We all make mistakes.” Most people generally accept these common sayings as true… except if you’re a golfer! How many times has your play spiraled downward during a golf game after you made a mistake? Why does your golf game suffer after a mistake when … Golf Psychology Article>>