Practice vs. Tournament Rounds in Golf

Practice Rounds vs. Tournament Rounds

In “Sports Psychology Sessions with Doc,” Dr. Patrick Cohn answers a question from Cary about how he can help his young golfer take his practice game to tournament rounds.

Do you have a young golfer that looks like a star in practice, plays great in practice rounds, but then gets to the golf course and shoots maybe 15 shots over what he does in the practice round?

Cary wrote in and said:

“I’m looking for help with my son… He’s a very good golfer but he doesn’t do well in tournaments. He hits the ball beautifully in practice and he play all the time. In casual rounds he plays great, but when he plays in the junior tournaments, he’s shooting in the high 80’s. What can you do to help him?

This week, Dr. Cohn talks about:

Why do some golfers perform much better in their practice rounds than they do in their tournament rounds?

This is the most common reason why golfers are indicated for mental coaching…

There is something changing when they go from practice to tournament rounds.

What changes for them?

Watch the video below to learn what mental game tips Dr. Cohn gives to help golfers bring their practice round to tournament rounds:

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