How So Yeon Ryu Stays on Top in Golf

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Consistently Maintain High Performance

We often talk bout how to overcome slumps and mental blocks in golf… But how do you stay at the top when you are performing well in the game?

Why do many golfers have difficulty staying at the top or maintaining a high ranking?

Can you relate to the following scenario? You put in a lot of time and hard work to break into the Top-10: extra time on the putting greens, more time at the driving range, a bit more work with a golf pro, additional weight training, hours working with a mental training coach, etc… 

You saw a lot of improvement and the hard work paid off as you climbed the rankings and placed higher in tournaments. Finally, you achieved exactly what you set out to do. You felt proud and accomplished. 

Now came the tricky part… maintaining momentum and staying at the top.

You felt happy to be “there.” You were content so you felt you no longer needed the extra work. You settled back into your old ways. You slowly tapered off the extra training sessions.

Instead of continuing doing what got you “there” in the first place, you pulled back. Your play slowly declined. You had a formula for success but chose not to repeat the strategies that led to your success. Your scores suffered and you became frustrated at the fact you worked so hard to get there and were back to square one.

If you do not continue to work at a high level, it’s harder to perform consistently at a high level.

So Yeon Ryu’s Consistency in Training

In the LGPA, many golfers are battling for the No. 1 ranking. When So Yeon Ryu reached the World No. 1 ranking in 2021, Ryu decided to work on her game even further. Resting on her laurels was not an option. Instead, Ryu focused on her next goal of achieving the career grand slam.

RYU: “Even though I’m No. 1 right now, I still have to knock down three more tournaments to become a Grand Slam winner. So I don’t think I’m going to stop improving myself.”

Success requires continued work. If working with a mental game coach helps improve your focus, continue your work with a mental game coach.

If strength training helped add more distance to your drives, continue your strength training.

If taking extra putting practice helped improve your confidence, continue your extra work on the putting greens.

Following your success formula will help you maintain momentum and achieve more in your golf game.

How to Continue to Perform at a High Level:

To maintain your winning ways, you need to keep working on your game.

What is your success recipe? What practice and preparation routines helped you to play your best golf. Does mental training, strength training, additional practice rounds or work with a private instructor help you succeed?

What do you need to focus on to further improve your game and accomplish your next goal? What is the weakest link in your game?

Create a plan to improve your weaknesses and how you will go about putting your plan into action.

Asking and answering these important questions will help you understand and replicate your formula for continued success.

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