Success in Golf

How So Yeon Ryu Stays on Top in Golf

Golf Top Performance

Consistently Maintain High Performance We often talk bout how to overcome slumps and mental blocks in golf… But how do you stay at the top when you are performing well in the game? Why do many golfers have difficulty staying at the top or maintaining a high ranking? Can you relate to the following scenario? You put in a lot … Golf Psychology Article>>

More Input is Not Always Better in Golf

How to Manage Fear on the Golf Course

Using Feedback to Your Advantage in Golf Have you ever been overwhelmed by advice after a round of golf from teammates, coaches, or playing partners?  The mind can only process a limited amount of information before you are overwhelmed and confused.  Have you ever played a round right after taking a lesson? Was your mind calm or filled with swing … Golf Psychology Article>>

Breaking Bad Thinking Habits in Golf

How to Beat the Yips and Putting Anxiety

Developing a Positive Mindset For Greater Success Does never mean forever? In other terms, if you haven’t been able to accomplish a task, does it mean you will never be able to achieve that standard? The word “never” tends to stop many golfers in their tracks. Never is a negative mindset that sends a very powerful message to your brain … Golf Psychology Article>>