Positive Mindset in Golf

How to Stay Confident Even After a Bad Round

Confidence in Golf

Avoid the All or Nothing Mindset Exactly how do you define your performance in tournaments? Do you solely evaluate performances by wins and losses? When you lose, do you usually point out everything you did poorly? For many golfers, it all boils down to this… “I played well or I played horribly.” “I won or I lost.” There is no middle … Golf Psychology Article>>

Woods’ Mental Discipline Leads to Masters Win

What Drives You in Golf?

How to be a Disciplined Thinker Golf is a mental game, a mental battle. Your thoughts can be bigger obstacles than the course itself, which is why it’s so important to implement positive thinking. So many thoughts can mentally interfere with your play, “I have never won a tournament,” “I can’t sink a putt today,” “I’m too far behind to … Golf Psychology Article>>

Breaking Bad Thinking Habits in Golf

How to Beat the Yips and Putting Anxiety

Developing a Positive Mindset For Greater Success Does never mean forever? In other terms, if you haven’t been able to accomplish a task, does it mean you will never be able to achieve that standard? The word “never” tends to stop many golfers in their tracks. Never is a negative mindset that sends a very powerful message to your brain … Golf Psychology Article>>