How to Manage Driver Yips

Do You Have the Driver Yips?

In this episode, Dr. Cohn answers a question from a reader about How to Manage the Driver Yips.

CHAD: I have driver yips and once it creeps in around mid-round… It messes with my confidence. Technically, I’ve always struggled with the upswing and I know my tendency is to hit down and lean too far towards the target causing high pop ups. But I can’t seem to pull out of it. Any ideas for me?

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Discover How to Break the Yips Cycle

Breaking the Golf Yips Cycle

know you are frustrated with your putting, chipping, or pitching and have considered giving up the game you once loved to play. But before you make that decision, read what I have to say about how I help golfers overcome the yips….

The first place to begin to break the Yips Cycle is to admit that the yips are a mental issue. Stabbing or flinching at impact are symptoms of bigger issues: fear and over control. Changing your grip, putter, swing, club, or routine are only temporary Band-Aids to a mental game issue.

Breaking The Yips Cycle” is a complete brain dump of the TOP NINE mental training sessions I do with my personal coaching students to help them overcome the yips and play with freedom again!

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