Anxiety When Playing Golf

Do You Feel Pressured to
Play a Certain Way on The Course?

Dr. Patrick Cohn, golf psychology expert and author of the “Golfer’s Mental Edge” CD program, teaches amateur to tour professional golfers how to improve their mental game of golf using golf psychology strategies developed over the last 20 years of his career.

In this week’s golf psychology session, mental game of golf expert and author of The Mental Game of Golf, Dr. Cohn, responds to a question from an amateur golfer, who struggles with anxiety, fear and nervousness in his game.

COHN: “Do you feel a lot of pressure and anxiety today when you go out to play a round of golf and it really affects your performance? In today’s session, I answer a question from an amateur golfer, named Sandy, who seems to struggle today with anxiety, fear, and nervousness in his game.”

“Sandy, you’re not alone. I work with a lot of golfers who have this same issue that you’re referring to. The nervousness and anxiety about winning and doing well becomes overwhelming and hard to enjoy the game.”

“Well, through our email discussion, I think you’ve identified the fact that it’s hard to play relaxed and free golf when you’re too worried about matching others expectations. We call that social approval. That you’re looking for some type of respect, you want to be liked by your playing partners, you want them to think of you as having a good game.”

Listen to the audio below to hear what Dr. Cohn says about this problem:

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