Coping With Anxiety Under Pressure

Do You Struggle With Confidence Under Pressure?

Have you taken several years off from your golf game and then came back and returned to competitive golf only to find that you struggle with confidence and anxiety under pressure?

Dr. Patrick Cohn, golf psychology expert and author of the Golfer’s Mental Edge CD program, teaches amateur to tour professional golfers how to improve their mental game of golf using golf psychology strategies developed over the last 20 years of his career.

In this week’s golf psychology session, mental game of golf expert and author of The Mental Game of Golf, Dr. Cohn, answers a question from a golfer who recently returned to golf and struggles with anxiety under pressure.

Here is the question Sid asks this week:

“I was a D1 golfer and I’m 47 years old now and have returned to playing competitive golf after several years off. While my game has returned through a year of diligent practice, I am significantly struggling with anxiety and confidence issues under pressure. I would like to overcome these mental obstacles as I feel my physical skills are still there to achieve success in golf.”

COHN: “Part of being out of golf for a while and then coming back and working on your physical skills is that you’re really not tournament tough or tournament ready yet even though you’ve been working on your skills for the past year, its completely different to go out there and perform in competition…”

Sometimes, golfers get stuck in a practice mindset, or practice mentality.

This means… they feel like they have to work on their game or hone their skills, improve their touch around the greens and be ready for competition.

Part of the problem is, you’ve been trapped wanting to get your game back in shape and feel more comfortable in practice routines rather than playing in competition.

What is the anxiety all about, especially under pressure?

Listen to the the podcast below to hear what Dr. Cohn tells Sid about his anxiety:

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