How Sei Young Kim Shot a Record 31 Under Par

How to Improve Your Mental Game in Golf

Is your golf game in a plateau or stuck in a rut?

Do you struggle to figure out how to improve your play or how to take your game to the next level?

Improving your scores is the ultimate goal for many golfers.

But getting to the next level is not the easiest of tasks….

Golfers spend a lot of time in search of lowering their scores and finding the next secret in achieving their quest.

It’s confounding for golfers as to the reason they are not improving.

These golfers often say, “I don’t understand why I’m not improving; I spend a lot of time playing golf.”

Why do so many some golfers feel stuck at their current level of play?

What factors hold a golfer back from raising their game to the next level?

Often it is not the physical game that holds a golfer back from improved play.

Most of the time, golfers are held back from a lack of a strong mental game.

To get your game to the next level, merely practicing often will not do the trick.

True personal success requires that you are mentally strong and continually challenge yourself.

Challenging yourself is the motivational fuel that keeps you pushing forward even if you are not seeing the results you want.

Challenging yourself provides the focus needed to put in the work to improve your game rather than just putting in mindless practice hours.

Challenging yourself requires you to step out of your comfort zone and commit to improving your mental skills

A new performance standard was set by Sei Young Kim at the 2018 Thornberry Creek LPGA Classic.

The victory was Kim’s first of the year and she won in record-setting fashion. Kim had 31 birdies and one eagle while shooting 31-under par, both of which are records.

The previous week, Kim finished a disappointing 25th at the KPMG Women’s PGA Championship.

After the tournament, Kim wondered why she struggled so much during that tournament and decided she needed to strengthen her mental game.

KIM:“Well, after last week I was disappointed… I kept [thinking], ‘What’s wrong with me?’ I [went to] YouTube, [to learn] how to make the mind stronger. Yeah, I watched a lot of video… that little bit helped my mindset get stronger.”

Kim is not resting on her laurels. Kim has her eyes on even greater heights each day.

KIM: “I just want to keep challenging myself and what I can do. Even if I break [the under-par], I’ll keep (making) the challenges higher. That’s my goal.”

Do you want to see what you can do on the golf course?

Start by challenging yourself today!

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