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Learn To Keep Distractions at Bay How does your thinking play out in your score on the golf course? Is your thinking holding you back from playing great golf or enjoying the game? Shutting off your brain is not an option on the golf course. You can not just turn a switch off and shut down your thinking. Your thoughts … Golf Psychology Article>>

How to Deal with Distractions on the Golf Course

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Learning to Refocus on the Course Do you become distracted during a round of golf and does it happen while standing over the ball? What are the specific distractions that affect you most as you go through your preshot routine? Distractions are everywhere on the golf course. Some distractions you may be aware of such as anger after hitting the … Golf Psychology Article>>

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How to Stop Judging Your Performance During Rounds Distractions are all around on the golf course. But what about your own internal distractions? Your mind is bombarded throughout a round with distractions, making golf one of the most mentally difficult sports. Let’s talk about one big distraction that is neglected… Thinking about how well you are playing… You may ask, … Golf Psychology Article>>