How to Improve Your Mental Game

Stepping up your Golf Performance

Mental Game Tips for Golfers

Are you having difficulty getting to the next level? When you get to the next level, can you set your sights higher and further raise your level of play?

Continually reaching new heights can be difficult for some golfers. The challenges are: “How can I be confident at the next level?” and “How can I lift my game further?”

In our Mental Game of Golf Survey, an amateur golfer asked the following question:

“I’ve worked hard all year and became the first golfer on my team to break into the Top-20. I’m happy with my result, but I’m not confident I can break into the Top-10. Any advice?”

How can you work any harder if you gave it all you could? How is it possible to even break into the Top-10?

You may feel there is nothing more you can do or have no way to play any better. However, you have already forged a path you can follow. You broke into the Top-20 by putting in the work. If you continually put in the effort, you can lift your game further.

When you think there is no way to lower your scores, you lose confidence. When you lose confidence in performing at the next level, you veer off the hard work path.

When you have confidence, you can raise your game. Further, you will keep your work ethic intact and follow your recipe for success.

For example, Leona Maguire became the first Irish player in LPGA history to win a Tour tournament. Maguire won the 2022 Drive On Championship, closing with a 5-under 67 for a three-stroke victory. Maguire’s win was no fluke. Maguire was a standout collegiate and amateur player.

MAGUIRE: “I’ve worked my way up the levels every time. It’s been a meticulous journey. I did it my way, the way I wanted to do it, with the help of my team around me. I feel like the way I’ve gone about it, I’ve prepared at each level and mastered each level.”

Maguire followed her road map to success. You can apply a similar road map to succeed continually:

1. Be patient – Greater achievements take time.

2. Don’t fear failure – Take advantage of mistakes. Missteps are beneficial and essential to learning and growing your game.

3. Take risks – You cannot get to the next level by playing it safe.

4. Focus on the process and progress – Success is a step-by-step process. When you focus on progress, you will remain motivated to put in the necessary effort to succeed.

5. Objectively evaluate your performance – Negative self-judgments halt progress.

6. Examine what may be limiting your beliefs – The limitations you place upon yourself, and your beliefs will determine your achievements.

7. Develop strong mental skills – When the going gets tough, only the mentally tough get going. When you neglect your mental skills, you are choosing to be less prepared for competitive rounds.

A road map boosts your confidence as you raise your game further. Write down your success road map. What has helped you reach higher levels in the past? What areas of your game improvement have you neglected that you can improve?

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