Goals Setting in Golf

The Expectation Trap For Golfers

Expectations for Golfers

How Expectations Hurt Play When you enter a golf tournament, do you EXPECT to win, place in the Top-10 or shoot your best score? After all, if you are going to win, don’t you need to expect to win? Expectations are a hard thing. If you go into a tournament expecting to lose, you probably will lose. Although the opposite … Golf Psychology Article>>

How LPGA Golfers Have Adjusted Their Season Goals

Golf Mind Game

Hyo Joo Kim Improves Her Game From Home What were your goals for this season? Were you looking to make adjustments to improve your ranking or lower your handicap? Did you want to improve consistency or score less double bogeys over the course of 18 holes? Were you looking to break 80 or 70 for the first time? You may … Golf Psychology Article>>

Are You Ever Satisfied With Your Golf Game?

Learning Takes Time

Goal Setting to Boost Golf Performance Are you constantly trying to improve your golf game, but you become impatient or frustrated with results? Most athletes set strict standards for success and you hear it all the time in the sports world, “Never be satisfied with what you have already accomplished,” “What you did yesterday doesn’t matter, it’s what you accomplish … Golf Psychology Article>>