Adversity in Golf

How to Improve Mental Toughness on the Golf Course

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Overcoming Adversity on the Greens When mental toughness is talked about in sports, many people conjure up images of athletes competing, physically worn out and mentally exhausted, and still pushing onward. Some of these “mentally tough” images include… The marathon runner, who can barely stay upright and stumbles across the finish line… The basketball player, who returns late in the … Golf Psychology Article>>

Mental Preparation and Playing Golf in Poor Conditions

Mental Preparation and Playing Golf in Poor Conditions

How to Mentally Prepare For Bad Weather Conditions Golf is a thousand-plus yard obstacle course that you have to navigate through putting a small ball in a small hole. The layout of a golf course can be both challenging and, for many golfers, frustrating. Now let’s add an even greater obstacle to that challenge… the weather. Bad weather exponentially increases … Golf Psychology Article>>