Mental Preparation in Golf

Stable Mindset on the Golf Course

Overcome Badshots

Always Prepare for the Unexpected How do you handle the ups and downs in golf? Do you become overly focused on bad shots, which hurts your play later in a round? This occurrence is more common than you may think… You see that scenario occur even in PGA and LPGA tournaments. A golfer is playing lights out through the front-nine … Golf Psychology Article>>

How to Prepare Mentally for a Golf Tournament

Golf Mind Podcast

Do You Get in the Zone Before a Tournament? In this week’s golf psychology session, mental game of golf expert and author of The Mental Game of Golf, Dr. Cohn, responds to a question from Paul who had this to say about his game: “How do I mentally prepare for a golf tournament? When things should I before I start … Golf Psychology Article>>

How to Build Trust in your Golf Game

Golf and Intimidation

Focus on Your Skills, Not The Outcome Do you trust your abilities to play your best golf under the stress and pressure of competitive rounds? Do you trust your abilities to hit a successful recovery shot when needed or sink a long putt to save par? Trust is an essential mental skill for golfers to play peak golf on a … Golf Psychology Article>>

How to Play Good Golf Against Top Players

golf mistakes

Performing Your Best Against Strong Competition How do you perform when you are playing strong competition? Do you feel nervous and fearful when playing against very good golfers or are you able to maintain your confidence and play your best golf? In our Golf Mental Game Survey, a golfer sent us the following question: “How can I stop feeling intimidated … Golf Psychology Article>>

How Tyrrell Hatton Had a Breakout Performance

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Focus on Your Process, Not the Outcome Has your level of play plateaued? Are you searching for a way to break out and achieve the next level of performance? You put a lot of time and effort into your game. When you put in the time, you expect some return for your effort. Why do some golfers have difficulty achieving … Golf Psychology Article>>