Your Performance Mindset to Succeed

Stay the Moment of your Game

Do you want to win so badly and you’re out there tripping yourself on the golf course?

In this week’s golf psychology session, mental game of golf expert and author of The Mental Game of Golf, Dr. Cohn talks about how to set a proper mindset into the golf course.

The pressure of wanting to win so badly affects every athlete in different ways. Most of the time they get distracted and lose their focus and hurts their performance.

In addition, Dr. Patrick highlights “fear of failure”, how most athletes are affected by just thinking about the outcome of the game and their scores. Getting ahead of yourself while in the game is a mental game challenge that you can overcome.

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Golfer’s Mental Edge 2.0

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Do you suffer from fragile self-confidence after missed hitting shots or making mistakes, playing with strict or high expectations that undermine confidence, or the inability to play freely and relaxed on the course?

Successful golfers have learned how to perform with ultimate confidence in competition, so we’ve developed The Golfer’s Mental Edge 2.0 Workbook and Audio program to help you do this! 

The Golfer’s Mental Edge 2.0 program includes the top 11 mental training sessions I do with my personal students to help them boost their mental game and improve consistency on the course!

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