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Do You Mentally Prepare for Tough Conditions?

Do You Mentally Prepare for Tough Conditions?

What conditions affect your golf game the most? Have you worked to improve your play under these conditions? Many golfers know their most challenging circumstances, such as playing in breezy conditions, on slow greens or a soaked course, playing late in the day, dealing with spectator noise, or handling pressure late in a round. Every golfer has particular areas that … Golf Psychology Article>>

How to Reduce the Number of Swing Thoughts When Playing

Golf Psychology Video

Are you over thinking your golf swing when playing on the course by having two or three swing thoughts as you play shots?  Often in our work as mental coaches, we find that golfers use too many swing thoughts on the golf course and this hurts their consistency during the round. You only want to have one “swing thought” or … Golf Psychology Article>>

How to Change Your Reaction to a Bad Shot

How to Overcome Bad Shots

Control Your Emotions Throughout Your Game How do you grade yourself on the ability to manage your emotions during a round of golf? You may grade yourself pretty high, but would your grade remain the same after driving your ball into a sand trap? Managing your emotions is a crucial mental skill for all golfers. Even on your best day, … Golf Psychology Article>>

Pregame Jitters vs Performance Anxiety

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Do you feel preround anxiety or first tee jitters? Many golfers worry that the preround jitters are a sign they are anxious to play. But that’s not always the case as preround jitter are very normal for golfers before the round. Watch this video to learn how to deal with pre round jitters Mental Game Coaching for Golfers If you’re … Golf Psychology Article>>

How to Make Adjustments when Golfing

Finishing the Round

Minor Adjustments to Make Major Improvements When your putting is just a little off, do you tend to overthink, or do you make a quick minor adjustment and then refocus? A slight adjustment can go a long way. However, too many adjustments–leading to over thinking–can go the wrong way. A minor adjustment requires a quick assessment and a decisive course … Golf Psychology Article>>