Mental Toughness in Golf

How to Improve Mental Toughness on the Golf Course

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Overcoming Adversity on the Greens When mental toughness is talked about in sports, many people conjure up images of athletes competing, physically worn out and mentally exhausted, and still pushing onward. Some of these “mentally tough” images include… The marathon runner, who can barely stay upright and stumbles across the finish line… The basketball player, who returns late in the … Golf Psychology Article>>

Mental Toughness for Golfers

How Golfers Can Build their Confidence 

How to Overcome Negative Thoughts Many athletes wouldn’t associate mental toughness with playing golf. There is a misconception by some that mental toughness is an attribute solely for athletes in contact sports or physically grueling competition. No doubt that there is a large degree of physical toughness needed for contact sports. But in terms of the mental challenges, golf is … Golf Psychology Article>>

The Mental Game and Rivalries in Golf

Using Your Mind in Contention

Strategies For Playing Against Rivals Rivalries are the toughest mental challenge in the sport of golf. Rivalries can lift some golfers to the next level while stalling the progress of other golfers. The degree of difficulty increases greatly when the rivalry is longstanding, especially when the rival starts advancing at a faster pace. To illustrate the mental challenge that rivalries … Golf Psychology Article>>

How Jason Day Won the Mind Battle

Take Control of Your Golf Confidence

Overcoming Self-Doubt With Mental Toughness “I can’t hit my tee shots…” “I have no confidence in my ability…” “I’m going to fail…” Have you ever had these thoughts during a round of golf? You probably answered, “Yes!” You may also feel you are the only one who is troubled with these thoughts. The battle in the mind is the toughest … Golf Psychology Article>>

Patrick Reed’s Mindset For Round Four at The Masters

How Top Golfers Manage Pre-Round Worry

How to Stay Focused on Your Own Game in Golf The Masters Tournament is a mentally grueling tournament with its lead challenges, players surging up the leader board, tough holes, bad lies and missed putts. An even bigger challenge is the stacked field filled with the best competitors in the world fighting for the top spot. Focusing on a tough … Golf Psychology Article>>

Tips For Golfers Who Struggle With Putting Yips

Golf Mind Podcast

Dr. Patrick Cohn, golf psychology expert and author of the “Golfer’s Mental Edge” program, teaches amateur to tour professional golfers how to improve their mental game of golf using golf psychology strategies developed over the last 20 years of his career. In this week’s golf psychology session, mental game of golf expert and author of The Mental Game of Golf, … Golf Psychology Article>>