Mindset in Golf

Visualizing and Assessing Your Shots Properly

Golf Mind Podcast

Do you visualize your shots before you hit them but then freak out when a shot doesn’t come off accordingly? In this week’s golf psychology session, mental game of golf expert and author of The Mental Game of Golf, Dr. Cohn, responds to a question from Juan who had this to say about his game: “I’ve been told to visualize … Golf Psychology Article>>

How to Build Trust in your Golf Game

Golf and Intimidation

Focus on Your Skills, Not The Outcome Do you trust your abilities to play your best golf under the stress and pressure of competitive rounds? Do you trust your abilities to hit a successful recovery shot when needed or sink a long putt to save par? Trust is an essential mental skill for golfers to play peak golf on a … Golf Psychology Article>>

Using a Neutral Mindset to Improve Success

Good Mindset in Golf

Moving on After Mistakes Are you a golfer who gets down on yourself after a bad shot? Well, you are not alone! Golf is a challenging game and every course has a unique design of bunkers, water hazards, trees, and other features. With all the challenges… slices, duffs, bogeys and other mistakes are evident over the course of 18 holes. … Golf Psychology Article>>

How Rory McIlroy Uses Challenge to Become Better at Golf

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How to Have a Competitive Mindset When playing in a tournament, do you consistently score worse than you expected? Are you not rising to meet the challenge? Are you feeling frustrated that your game seems to have hit a plateau and you just can’t seem to find a way to break out? Did you consider getting a new set of … Golf Psychology Article>>

Your Mental Game in Difficult Course Conditions

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How to Turn Difficult into a Challenge What increases your anxiety level during a round of golf? Does it happen when you perceive a course to be difficult? Golfers attribute many factors to increased anxiety: bad weather, slow greens, deep bunkers, tree-lined fairways and daunting water hazards to name a few. That anxiety leads to apprehension and fear prior to … Golf Psychology Article>>