Overthinking in Golf

Improve Your Mindset During Shot-Making

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Stop Overthinking and Trust in Your Golf Swing How many times has your indecision and self-doubt interfered with playing good shots? Do you want to improve your mindset shot-making? Please read on… Spending extra time standing over the ball questioning your shot strategy, thinking of last second adjustments and possible outcomes is a surefire method to interfere with accuracy. When … Golf Psychology Article>>

How to Stay Calm Over the Golf Ball

Avoid Comparisons for Golf Confidence

Learn To Keep Distractions at Bay How does your thinking play out in your score on the golf course? Is your thinking holding you back from playing great golf or enjoying the game? Shutting off your brain is not an option on the golf course. You can not just turn a switch off and shut down your thinking. Your thoughts … Golf Psychology Article>>

4 Steps to Gain Trust in Your Golf Strokes

Trust in your Swing

How to Overcome Putting Anxiety Do you become increasingly nervous as you prepare to putt? Are you afraid of hitting bad shots while you address the ball? Chances are that your thoughts are major distractions interfering with your body’s ability to make a confident swing. Thinking too much about strategy, score, mechanics, weather, greens, spectators, previous shots, leaderboard, or results … Golf Psychology Article>>

When Golf Practice Doesn’t Improve Scores

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How More Practice Doesn’t Always Make Perfect Expectations have a unwanted impact on your golf game. With a clearer understanding of expectations, you can learn how to manage them and improve your golf game in the process. In our golf survey, one respondent made an interesting point regarding expectations and performance: “How can l stop the illusion of expecting my … Golf Psychology Article>>

How to Finish When Leading a Tournament

Finishing the Round

Stop Self-Sabotaging Late in Rounds Do you have difficulty closing out a round of golf? Do the last few holes feel so much harder to play than the front nine? Some golfers become over-aware of their score as they approach the last few holes, especially if they are shooting a low score. These golfers play out all sorts of negative … Golf Psychology Article>>

Helping Golfers to Counter Overthinking

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How to Reduce Unnecessary Thoughts Is thinking bad on the golf course? This question receives a lot of attention and discussion among the golfing world. Thinking is not only beneficial but necessary to plan your strategy for each hole and each shot. Thinking becomes detrimental when you can’t shut down those conscious thoughts just prior to striking the ball. This … Golf Psychology Article>>